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Program Digispark Attiny85 with Arduino IDE


Every electronics enthusiast and Hobbyist loves Arduino’s right! we all use board like Arduino UNO, Nano, Pro Mini, or any other similar Arduino even for some basic projects. For tiny projects like displaying a straightforward message on LCD or simply Fading LED would be a waste of resources and money. In this tutorial, I discovered an inexpensive and Compact Alternative to Arduino called ATTINY85. So, today you will learn to Program Digispark Attiny85 with Arduino IDE.

Components Required

S.NComponents NameDescriptionQuantityGet Products from Amazon
1DigiSpark Attiny85 BoardDigiSpark Attiny85 Arduino Compatible Board1https://amzn.to/32km6UD
2Arduino IDEArduino Programming Software1https://www.arduino.cc/en/software

About Attiny85 Board

Attiny85 is like Arduino, but it is not Arduino, ATTINY85 is a Micro-Controller chip, which has 6 General Purpose I/O pins (GPIO), out of which 5 are PWM enabled, and ATTINY85 also supports the SPI and I2C Communication Protocols, but it’s only 8Kb of programming memory, so yes, it’s not as capable as Arduino board, but it’ll work just fine for tiny projects.

Attiny85 development board

It also has some more features like:

  • Inbuilt 8-Bit timers.
  • Inbuilt comparators.
  • 512 Bytes of EPROM
  • 512 Bytes of SRAM.

Here, is a complete datasheet for a brief knowledge.

This Attiny85 comes in a module and standalone chip. I would never recommend you guys to use this chip and rather go for a module that comprises a voltage regulator and can be directly plugged into your computer. But before you plug it into the computer, some things needed to be set up.

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Setup Arduino IDE for Digispark Attiny85

We need to add (DigiStump’s Attiny85) boards into our Arduino IDE.

Add DigiStump Board URL

Program Digispark Attiny85 with Arduino IDE

First, open your Arduino IDE, Go to Preference and simply paste the link “ https://raw.githubusercontent.com/digistump/arduino-boards-index/master/package_digistump_index.json,” on the additional Board Management URL.

Digispark Attiny85 setup

Then simply Press okay and Close Preferences.

Install DIGISTUMP AVR Board Manager

To install Attiny85 Board Settings on Arduino IDE go to board manager, under the Tools menu select the Contributed type of boards Option.

Program Digispark Attiny85 with Arduino IDE


Click on install to install it!

Install Attiny85 Device Driver

Now, install the drivers on your computer Attached on this Step

Unzip the Attached File. Click on DPinst64.exe to install the Drivers on your computer.

installing Atiny85 Digispark device driver

Now, insert the Attiny85 board into your computer. Sometimes your drivers aren’t installed correctly, in such an (unusual) case, we are going to follow these steps

Open Device Manager. Click on the View menu and select “Show Hidden option” Click on Device called “Libusb-win”

Program Digispark Attiny85 with Arduino IDE

Right Click on the DigiSpark USB device and Click on Update Device. Browse the drivers from our computer. Finally, select the location of drivers stored on a computer

Now, let’s run a test code to examine our ‘Attiny85’ board. We will simply try Blink code, which you can copy from below

void setup()
  pinMode(1, OUTPUT);
void loop()
  digitalWrite(1, HIGH);   
  digitalWrite(1, LOW);    

Select Proper Board Type

Here, Selecting the correct Code is that the deal-breaker of this complete Setup. to do so, we will Select “Digispark (Default-16.5Mhz)” from Board Menu in Tools. Then finally, select programmer as “Micronucleus” from Board Menu in Tools.

Program Digispark Attiny85 with Arduino IDE

Uploading the Code

Usually, we’d compile and Upload the code with our Arduino Connected. But here in Attiny85, we will Compile the code and press the UPLOAD button. Waits for the Plug-in device now… (will timeout in 60 seconds) message.

Compiling Digisprark attiny85 blink program code

Connect the Board Within 60 Seconds.

Wait for “Micronucleus done. Thank you!” Message From compiler.

uploading code in attiny85

Enjoy! The output of this code will show blinking LED on Pin 1 on the Board

Future Projects

Projects based on Attiny85 Digispark board

So, that’s all for this tutorial. I hope you have learned to Program Digispark Attiny85 with Arduino IDE. We will do much more projects and Experiments with this board in the future, like Displaying Text on LCD, making Stand Alone Attiny85 Projects, security alert systems, etc.

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  2. Dear Sir,

    Looks like the Board Manager on the IDE doesn’t show the Digistump AVR table. I am using the latest IDE version 2.0.3

    Your comments/assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,
    Hans Bischoff, Canada

  3. OK, I found the Digistrump file but you have to go to ALL in the Board Manager & then scroll down until you see the file.


  4. According to my experience , the jason file is not working with Windows 10, where as it works fine with Windows 7. If you have installed in Windows 10, congratulation. But Bad luck for me with windows 10

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